RI/FS to Delineate Perchlorate Contamination

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Site 69 RI/FS Naval Support Facility Indian Head, Indian Head, MD – NAVFAC Washington

KOMAN completed an RI/FS to delineate perchlorate contamination at the Site 69 Oxidizer Process Building.  Perchlorate contamination at this location originated from spilled perchlorate grains and washout water from perchlorate grinding operations that ran down the steep slope and discharged to an adjacent creek.  The site is still active and field work was coordinated with scheduled down times or was performed on weekends.  Multilevel direct push soil samples and corresponding groundwater samples were collected from a grid of 33 borings across the site.  These data supported choosing seven locations for new monitoring wells.

Groundwater samples were collected from these and three existing wells.  Slug tests were made and in conjunction with measured groundwater elevations used to estimate groundwater velocities.  Five surface water samples with corresponding sediment samples were collected from the base of the slope and in the creek.  Investigation data supported construction of a conceptual model to complete the Remedial Investigation (RI) and were used in the Feasibility Study  (FS) to evaluate remedial alternatives for soil and groundwater.

This was a secured site. No photography.