99th Readiness Division Stormwater Compliance Technical Support

Stormwater Compliance Technical Support, US Army Reserve, 99th Readiness Division – USACE Mobile District

KOMAN supported the 99th DIV(R) by providing stormwater program assistance to 14 U.S. Army Reserve Centers (USARC) in multiple states. We conducted regular stormwater sampling at each facility, aligning with state NPDES requirements. Detailed Discharge Monitoring Reports (DMR) were submitted, outlining lab analyses and site conditions. Additionally, we developed pollution prevention plans for two PA Army Reserve Centers. Furthermore, we conducted a comprehensive stormwater drainage survey at the Wheeling, WV facility to identify the cause of erosion issues on an adjacent privately-owned lot. The study included updated maps of stormwater and sanitary sewer systems, providing recommendations and budget estimates to address deficiencies and maintenance requirements.